Kate Gillan Infant Services

Helping settle your baby.

Bringing a newborn home can introduce a variety of issues for you and your family. However, this doesn't have to be the case.

As a Melbourne-based mothercraft nurse with over 25 years experience, I can help.

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How I can help

It can be an incredibly exciting, but overwhelming experience bringing a new baby home.

Newborn babies can often upset the balance in a household and trying to get back on track can be difficult. This could be due to a number of problems, including breast/bottle feeding problems, irregular sleeping patterns and trouble establishing a suitable routine.

Parenting should be an enjoyable and exciting stage of life, which can - without support - veer off track. This can create a stressful and unhappy relationship with your baby and other members of your family. It is important for you to feel content and relaxed in your family environment.

During the initial home visit we will discuss the particular issues or problems you are encountering. I can also assist you in developing and introducing a workable routine that will help you overcome these hurdles, allowing you to fully enjoy these new experiences with your family.

My Qualifications

I'm a Preschool Mothercraft Nurse with over 25 years experience in the caring of newborns and school age children. I also have 4 children of my own including a set of twins.

My qualifications include:

  • Diploma of Children’s Services
  • Preschool Mothercraft Nurse
  • Endorsed Division 2 Registered Nurse
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
  • Occupational Health & Safety Course

Get in touch

Please don't hesitate to contact me - the earlier you address these problems, the more time you have to enjoy this new experience. All consultations include a free follow up phone call.

I live in the Bayside area of Melbourne, Australia. Feel free to send me a message via the form below or call my mobile on 0401 99 88 27.

  • Kate's advice was extremely beneficial to us and our baby...we are all so much happier now. Now Coby goes into the cot happily and wakes up chatting and smiling, rather than crying due to lack of sleep and over tiredness. If only we had met Kate when we had our first baby...
    Sharon Burstin
  • The turnaround after our meeting was quite amazing. Thanks to the routines and settling techniques that you provided me, I was able to re-settle Austin without feeding him with great success. This made a huge difference to both me and my husband... I am so grateful for your advice as well as for the ongoing support you provided after the initial appointment.
    Leah Lambart